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Article: The perfect basket bag for everyone: Discover the variety at ZIEGFELD

Die Perfekte Korbtasche für Jeden: Entdecken Sie die Vielfalt bei ZIEGFELD - ZIEGFELD Kids

The perfect basket bag for everyone: Discover the variety at ZIEGFELD

If you are looking for a stylish and versatile basket bag that is suitable for all ages and also reflects your interest in dogs, horses, pirates or fairytales, then ZIEGFELD is the right place for you. Our basket bag collection offers a wide range of designs and sizes that are perfect for every occasion and preference. In this blog post we introduce you to our different basket bags and give you tips on what to look for when buying.

The variety of ZIEGFELD basket bags

1. Basket bag shopper

The basket bag shopper is ideal for everyday use. It offers enough space for shopping, work materials or your equipment for a day trip. Our shoppers are robust and durable, with generous dimensions and sturdy handles that can be comfortably carried in the hand or over the shoulder, even when heavy.

2. Small basket bag

small basket bag

For those who prefer a more compact bag, the small basket bag is the perfect choice. It is lightweight and handy, but still offers enough space for your essentials such as wallet, keys and cell phone. This bag is great for short trips or as a chic accessory to your outfit.

3. Basket bag with leather handles

Our basket bag with leather handles combines natural materials with fine leather for a luxurious look. The leather handles are not only a stylish accent, but also offer additional comfort and durability. This bag is perfect for strolling around town or as a fashion statement in the country.

4. Basket bag large / Basket bag large

Large basket bag BOBBY with leather handle inside - ZIEGFELD Kids

The large basket bag is the ultimate solution for anyone who needs a lot of space. Whether for a day at the beach, a picnic in the park or as a stylish diaper bag - these bags offer maximum storage space while being light and comfortable to carry.

5. Basket handbag

The basket handbag is the perfect blend of style and functionality. This bag is perfect for evening outings or more formal occasions. With its elegant designs and high-quality materials, it is a real eye-catcher and perfectly complements any outfit.

Why ZIEGFELD basket bags are the best choice

  • Unique designs: Our bags are not only functional, but also uniquely designed. From dog motifs and horse prints to pirate and fairy tale characters - with us you will find the design that reflects your personality.
  • Handmade: Many of our basket bags are handmade and designed with attention to detail. This not only guarantees the highest quality, but also a unique product that you won't find anywhere else.
  • High-quality materials: We only use the best materials to ensure that our bags are durable and robust. Natural fibers, combined with high-quality leather details, make our bags long-lasting companions.
  • A wide range of uses: Whether for everyday use, special occasions or as a practical companion when travelling – our basket bags are versatile and always offer enough space and comfort.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Basket Bag

  1. Size and capacity: Think about what you want to use the bag for and choose the size accordingly. For shopping or traveling, we recommend a large basket bag, and for everyday use or evening outings, a smaller version.
  2. Material and workmanship: Pay attention to the quality of the materials and workmanship. Handmade bags often offer better quality and a unique design.
  3. Comfort and carry: Make sure the bag is comfortable to carry. Leather handles can provide extra comfort, especially when the bag is heavily loaded.
  4. Design and personality: Choose a design that reflects your personality and preferences. At ZIEGFELD we offer a wide range of motifs ranging from animals to fairy tale characters to adventure themes.


A basket bag from ZIEGFELD is more than just a fashion accessory - it is a statement of your personality and a reliable companion in your everyday life. Whether you are looking for a large shopper bag, an elegant handbag or a compact small basket bag, you will find the perfect model with us. Visit our online shop and discover the variety of our basket bag collection.

FAQs about the ZIEGFELD basket bags collection

1. What makes the ZIEGFELD basket bags so special?

Our basket bags are uniquely designed and often handmade, making them a special and long-lasting accessory. With designs inspired by dogs, horses, pirates and fairytales, we offer a model to suit every taste.

2. What materials are used for the ZIEGFELD basket bags?

We use high-quality natural fibers and combine them with fine leather details to ensure durable and robust bags. This choice of material not only ensures an attractive appearance, but also a long lifespan of the bags.

3. Are ZIEGFELD basket bags handmade?

Yes, many of our basket bags are handmade and designed with great attention to detail. This guarantees the highest quality and a unique product that you will not find anywhere else.

4. For which occasions are the different basket bags suitable?

Our collection includes bags for every occasion. The large basket bag is ideal for shopping or travelling, the small basket bag for everyday use and evening outings, and the basket handbag for more formal occasions.

5. Which designs are available at ZIEGFELD?

We offer a wide range of designs including dog, horse, pirate and fairy tale characters. These designs reflect the individual preferences and personalities of our customers.

6. Are there different sizes of ZIEGFELD basket bags?

Yes, our collection includes different sizes, from large shopper bags to compact small basket bags, to suit different needs and preferences.

7. How do I care for my ZIEGFELD basket bag?

To ensure the longevity of your basket bag, we recommend protecting it from direct sunlight and moisture. Leather details can be treated with special leather care products to maintain their quality.

8. Can I order the ZIEGFELD basket bags online?

Yes, you can conveniently order our basket bags in our online store. We offer safe and easy ordering as well as various payment methods.

9. Are the ZIEGFELD basket bags also suitable for children?

Our basket bags are designed primarily for adults, but older children who enjoy the unique designs may also enjoy them.

10. Are there any special offers or discounts for ZIEGFELD basket bags?

Yes, we regularly offer special offers and discounts on our collections. Subscribe to our newsletter or visit our online store to stay informed about current offers.

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