A one year USA motorhome trip, two kids and a lot of adventure…

Back then, everything started with a one YEAR motorhome trip (17.000 miles) through the US with our two little girls, Flore and Liv Ziegfeld.

After a few months, we were running out of money, forcing us to think about fulfilling our dreams in life (without a bank robbery). At that specific moment we were in beautiful Key West, Florida. With dozens of cruise ships lying in the harbor, all those tourists needed a special souvenir! I headed to the next Home Depot, grabbed some canvases, and stored them between the washing machine and dryer of our motorhome. This developed into painting tourist motifs at the beach all day long, while my girls were busy playing at the sea.

When sunset came around, we packed our stuff and went to the Sunset Celebration to sell the paintings. It went great, and on the side, we still had lots of time to talk to our 4- and 5-year old kids about working, making money and fulfilling your dreams. In the port, we were surrounded by big cruise ships, with one carrying a pirate flag. The kids got into conversation about pirates and boys and girls. The next day, Andrea painted a pirate girl: Piratin Paula was born.

The pirate motif sold well too, so we started thinking about a company for me to found once back in Germany; So that was exactly what we did in 2005.

Our vision of offering top-notch products was recognized soon after, on several occasions:

- Chosen at the children’s fashion fair KOMM for Art in the children’s bedroom.

- Awarded the title "Talent" for kids products in Germany at the Tendence Lifestyle show in Frankfurt.

- Member of the show "Kids’ Own World" at Tendence Lifestyle in Frankfurt. 

-Member of the "Marktplatz der Ideen" in Hamburg at the Early Bird fair.

- Awarded the title "Young, Innovative Company" and for "Pimp Your Shop", both for the Paperworld fair in Frankfurt. 

By now, the selection of products we offer expanded from Piratin Paula-themed paintings all the way to shirts, stationery, furniture, porcelain. A Piratin Paula children’s book with the matching audio book was published in 2008.

Together, the girls and I developed over 70 motifs and characters within the last 10 years. In 2017, we had the chance to get the company back on track, and this time it is completely family-owned. Currently, we’re in the works of fulfilling our dream to let Piratin Paula take her first steps in animation!

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